The Best of New York On The Twilight Cruise

No matter what time of day it is, New York City is beautiful. No matter the vantage point, the views of the city are bound to take your breath away. But there is something about watching the city transform from day to night that makes New York sunsets the most magical time to experience the city.

Not only does the Twilight Cruise give fantastic views of Manhattan, but even New Jersey looks breathtaking at sunset!

You truly can’t beat the amount of views that you will have in one sitting. The cruise starts at Pier 78 which is located in Midtown West. As the cruise pulls away from the dock, great views of Midtown Manhattan will come into view.

Many people don’t even bother looking to the other side of the Hudson where New Jersey lies. Don’t worry, tour guides are used to tourists forgetting and will be sure to remind you!

The cruise then makes its way downtown where the Freedom Tower slowly becomes more prominent on the horizon.


As the cruise circles around Downtown Manhattan, the tour guide will be sure to not only tell you all the historical facts about the island, but you’ll no doubt learn some fun facts too!

Next, you’ll be able to experience the famous bridges of New York stress-free! Something about not sitting in traffic makes the bridges look much more beautiful!


The next site is an obvious favorite among tourists: the Statue of Liberty. The cruise pauses for several minutes here, so be sure to take a minute or two to just take in her beauty and listen to the tour guides story of how she came to be… there’s more to the story than you might think!


After the Statue of Liberty, the Twilight Cruise heads back to Pier 78 so that the night can end with unobstructed views of an illuminated Midtown Manhattan!


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