All Around Town: Best Spots to Catch Pokémon!

The latest game craze to hit the world is Pokémon Go! Users are traveling all over to catch rare and unique Pokémon including to NYC! Our All Around Town Tour is the perfect way to not only see the city but to go to popular Pokémon Go locations! Below are the best spots to catch Pokémon in NYC!

Times Square

Screenshot_20160830-110058 ts

Times Square is full of Pokémon, Pokéstops and a Gym! I mean just look at the above picture!

There are an endless amount of places in this area to Catch’em All! At Broadway Theatres, on the TKTS steps and at our bus stop! You can easily spend a day just roaming Times Square catching Pokémon.

times square pokemon

Pokémon Go Tip: If you are looking to specifically catch Voltrob and Magnemite, Times Square is the place to visit! Walk around a little and you may even find a Pikachu!

Rockefeller Center

The Rockefeller Center area is full of Pokemon! Right near Radio City Music Hall, I caught the water type Pokemon Goldeen and Seaking, and the rare Kabuto!

Radio City
Right at Rockefeller Center, I encountered a Nidoran (Female) and other poison type Pokémon.

IMG_2016-08-30-12082428 resized

Bryant Park

Bryant Park is one of the most popular Pokémon spots to visit in Midtown. Just a short walk from Times Square, this area is full of not only things to do but PokéStops! The park alone has at least 10 stops and even has its own Gym!

bryant park

The park usually attracts a variety of types of Pokemon such as Grass, Ghost and Fairy Types. It’s known to always have Golbats! During my recent visit to the park, I was able to catch Haunter, Clefairy and Bulbasaur!

Central Park

Central Park is THE location to catch all types of Pokémon. Grass, Water, Fire, you name it this location has it! I caught my first Psyduck, Charmander and Squirtle at this location! Key PokéStops to go to in the park are Wollman Rink and the Great Lawn. Back when the game first launched, players went crazy when a wild Charizard was found there!

Battery Park

Battery Park is a popular location to catch water type Pokémon! The rare Pokemon sightings you may encounter at this location include Squirtle, Magikarp and Dratini. While you are at this location, you might as well take a cruise to the Statue of Liberty!

Macy’s Herald Square

Whether you are visiting or have some time during you lunch break, you can catch Pokémon at Macy’s Herald Square! Shopping plus catching Pokémon definitely sounds like a fun day in the city. While heading from Macy’s to Times Square one day, I was able to catch a Polywag!

IMG_2016-08-30-07320031 resized

Of course, there are plenty of other great places in the city besides these to catch Pokémon. Explore more of NYC and Catch’Em All with our Brooklyn, Bronx, Downtown and Uptown tours!

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