Travel Through Space, Air and Sea Without Leaving NYC

I’ve always loved museums. My parents always used to take me to museums as a child and I just loved walking through museums I had never visited and learning all the history. The first time I visited the Intrepid was when I was 9. To be honest, I was confused. I had no idea why we were going to walk around on a boat in New York City. I protested that a museum on a boat was silly but my parents forced me into our car and we drove through Manhattan until we reached the Intrepid.

I was shocked. I remember being overwhelmed by how large this “boat” was. The hot August sun shined in the Hudson River and I became eager to go inside. Little did I know that the Intrepid is maybe the most interesting museum because the ship itself is a floating piece of history.


Earlier this week I got to visit the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum for a second time. I walked in shortly after 10am. On week days, The Intrepid is open from 10am-5pm. There weren’t many people inside yet so I had a bit of time to walk around and take pictures.

It was certainly a different experience going in the middle of January with snow on the ground. The flight deck was still sprinkled in snow but it looked beautifully peaceful.


I started from the top floor and worked my way down. I instantly was brought back to my childhood, remembering my first visit over 10 years ago. The Intrepid is such a great staple in New York City museum culture because there’s something for everyone no matter what age you are. As a child, I remember my sister and I getting insight the space crafts, fighter planes and enjoying the hands on aspects of the museum.

I watched as kids enjoyed the same exhibits I had enjoyed years ago, I noticed their parents watching them and reading information about said exhibit. Whether you come to just walk through, get hands on experience or learn the history behind the Intrepid; it’s the perfect place to spend a day in NYC!


If you’re looking for a fun day in the city but you want to learn something, definitely go to the Intrepid. It’s an interactive history lesson on the Hudson that you’ll never forget! Share your pictures from your Intrepid visit with us on Facebook and Twitter! Don’t forget to follow CitySightseeing New York!



Written by Taylor Hoblitzell


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