The Best Way to See the City That Never Sleeps

We’re the city that never sleeps. So what better time to explore New York City than at night, when the lights and people remain very illuminated? Our night tour assures that you experience NYC in a way that you will never forget!

If you think the city is stunning during the day.. well, you’re right! But just wait until you see it lit up at night. Tours begin at 777 8th Avenue at 6:30pm. If you leave early enough you can watch nightfall over the city and discover what really makes us the city that never sleeps.


You’ll get to see the key staples of New York City like Times Square, Madison Square Garden, Rockefeller Center, The Flatiron Building and Union Square!


You’ll these cool Manhattan attractions on your way to the Manhattan Bridge. We suggest that you plan to start your tour an hour before sunset. This way, by the time you cross the Manhattan Bridge, the sun will have just begun to set behind the city.


When you get back to Manhattan at night you can get dropped-off at the Empire State Building, or the bus will take you back to Times Square. This the only way to see New York City at night. We’re the city that never sleeps taking you on an exclusive sightseeing experience.



Written by Taylor Hoblitzell


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